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Help us upcycle and recycle by donating furniture – get a great feeling by giving something back… the process really couldn’t be any simpler!

Since 1997 our initiative has benefited both the donors and those who need a helping hand in our community. We are a self-financing charity which relies on your donations and very moderate charges levied on our clients. It’s a genuine win-win situation: you free-up space in your home while the less fortunate get assistance in setting up their new home and a fresh start.

Whilst we can’t handle clothes, gas heaters, or household fixtures and fittings which are hazardous or beyond repair, we may be able to refer donors and clients to more appropriate organisations in the supply network.

How to Donate Furniture or Household Items?

1. Sort your stuff out

To avoid disappointment it’s a good idea to check that the furniture or household goods you want to donate are suitable. They need to be in reasonable condition and safe to use – check out the quality standards here, visit our website or talk to us direct – we’d be happy to put your mind at ease.

2. Pick up the phone

Our staff and volunteers will be delighted to take your call. In just a couple of minutes they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have, exchange details and confirm a convenient time for the collection. It really is as simple as that – making a single phone call.

3. Be at home… or not!

We aim to make the donations process as simple and convenient as possible. There are a number of options available – just talk to us about the easiest way for you – because in the end accommodating you helps us accommodate others. Thank you.

Quality Standards

It’s our policy that goods donated should be (a) clean and serviceable on collection – in a good condition which a reasonable person would be content to use or (b) could quickly be restored to such a condition or (c) have potential value for sale in support of our work.

We also need to ensure that donations are safe and sound and that they comply with statutory requirements e.g. in respect of fire retardants in soft furnishings and that electrical goods work safely. We undertake to ensure that collections and deliveries are made within one week of acceptance. Our facility will undertake reasonable additional cleaning and minor repairs.

A test area for electrical items has now been developed, however we actively encourage those that donate to help by monitoring the above.

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    How to GET items from Necessary Furniture

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